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Happy Halloween! Check Out These Creepcakes Made by Teens in Craft Lab

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Last night, teens got creative and used frosting and candy to tranform regular vanilla and chocolate cupcakes into creepcakes! They made ghosts, vampires, spiders, mummies, pumpkins, and monsters. Take a look at the photos below to check out the creepy and cute designs!

Collage of creep cakes made at 10/30 teen program

Genre Guide: Graphic Novels

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Graphic novels tell stories through text and art. While the exact definition of the term “graphic novel” has been endlessly debated, for the purposes of this blog we will include serialized comics (collected volumes), manga (Japanese comics, which are read from back to front, right to left), and stand-alone works. For my Top 5 graphic novels post, I’m focusing on graphic novels in the teen collection.

Collage of graphic novels


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