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Genre Guide: Graphic Novels

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Graphic novels tell stories through text and art. While the exact definition of the term “graphic novel” has been endlessly debated, for the purposes of this blog we will include serialized comics (collected volumes), manga (Japanese comics, which are read from back to front, right to left), and stand-alone works. For my Top 5 graphic novels post, I’m focusing on graphic novels in the teen collection.

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Fresh Off the Cart: Teen Books

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It's Winter Break! Since it's freezing (and probably snowing) outside and you're stuck inside the house, I recommend bundling up in your favorite chair and relaxing with a good book. Here are some of the latest additions to the teen collection:

Download Christmas Music From Freegal

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Did you know that FRVPLD cardholders are allowed to download three songs for free each week from Freegal? Those are downloaded songs that are yours forever! You can listen to samples of songs before you download them, and if you've already downloaded your three songs for the week, you can add songs to your wish list to download later.

Fresh Off the Cart: New Teen Books

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We all know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but with so many new teen books having such eye-catching and unique designs, I don't follow that statement much these days. Each of these covers pulls the reader in, and I can't decide what to read next! Take a look and find something new to read:


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