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Playing Is Learning at the Library!

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Play, particularly imaginative play, is an important part of a child’s learning process. As they explore the world around them through play, they learn how to navigate social situations, make friends, behave in different scenarios, and structure a narrative.

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By playing restaurant, children learn to share the play food. They learn to interact with other children by deciding together what happens next. They learn manners for a particular social setting. They learn how a narrative unfolds from beginning to middle to end by inventing their own story together and acting it out through play.

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When giving children time to play, especially to foster growth and development, it is important to let the child lead. Large-scale studies and individual libraries have shown this to work in the library. At the library, the toys and activities we offer have been selected to allow children to interact with them and use the full scope of their imagination.

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The Dundee Library’s play corner has blocks, a dollhouse, puzzles, a train table, a puppet stage, and a kitchen where infants through elementary-aged children can exercise their creativity.

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The Randall Oaks Library has an activity table, a dollhouse, a LEGO table, dinosaurs, a workbench, and puzzles to spur exploration in infants through elementary-aged children.


The Dundee Library’s craft corner, magnetic boards, and activity table feature new things every two weeks.

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The Randall Oaks Library has a new scavenger hunt, interactive wall activity, and I Spy wall every month.

Both libraries also feature a full calendar of children’s programs that also make play a priority. Stop in to find out what’s new to do at the library!