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3D Printing: Rules and Procedures

You may download a copy of the rules and procedures.

The Library’s 3D printer is available for Fox River Valley Public Library District patrons to create three-dimensional, plastic objects. These objects are designed using computer software outlined in the PROCEDURES section of this document. Patrons must have a valid Fox River Valley Public Library District library card to use this service.

  • I. Patrons are permitted to use the Library’s 3D printer to create objects that comply with local, state and federal law as well as all other Library policies. Patrons may not create objects that are:
    1. dangerous or pose a threat to others. (Guns, knives, parts for weapons, etc.)

    2. sexually explicit, obscene, or inappropriate for the Library environment

    3. a violation of the MakerBot Replicator terms of use

    4. copyrighted or otherwise protected by a patent or trademark

    5. for commercial use

  • II. All submitted designs are subject to review by Library staff.

Please submit the completed form to

Designs may be rejected if they do not comply with Section I of this document. The patron will be informed by email or telephone.
Designs may be rejected if they are not capable of production. If this is the case, the patron will be informed by email or telephone of the problem(s) and change(s) needed to make the design printable

  • III. Cost: Thanks to the generous donation from the Friends of the Library, 3D printing is free of charge at this time. However, the Library reserves the right to begin charging for 3D printing at any time. Patrons will be notified of any and all changes to the cost of printing.

  • IV. Only designated, trained Library staff will be able to print objects. Demonstrations will be provided to the public to showcase the 3D printer.

  • V. Object Display: The MakerBot Replicator comes equipped with an on-board camera.   Objects being printed may be displayed in real-time on the Library’s website. By submitting a print, you agree that your design may appear online at anytime.