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American Vacation: 12,000 Miles Into the Wild West

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Romanian author, Raluca Barbu, shares her experiences as she traveled across America for the first time.  She then wrote a book about her trip.  The book is an homage to the great American outdoors and a read that reminds Americans of their incredibly lucky chance of living among some of the most spectacular natural wonders of this world. It is the first book that tells the story of a writer from an ex-communist country who experiences the great outdoors of the emblematic American West after having hiked up and down its trails.Numbers speak best about the unbelievable adventure that drove me to write this book:45-day tour across 18 states12,000 miles170 miles of hiking through 7 types of natural landmarks from 260 feet below sea level to 14,000 feet of altitude33 national, state, and tribal parks