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And You Thought You Were Having a Hard Day at Work

In honor of Labor Day, here are some new titles featuring detectives on the job.

Burnt RiverKarin Salvalaggio

Burnt River -- Karin Salvalaggio

The execution-style murder of a decorated, three-tour veteran sends Detective Macy Greeley to northern Montana, far from the state capital and her usual cases: the dead man had two girlfriends and a dysfunctional family, the community is mistrustful and secretive, local law enforcement resents her presence, and wildfires are raging closer to what may be more than one crime scene.

This title is the sequel to Bone Dust White, and is followed by Walleye Junction. This series features a complex female lead, and is suggested for fans of C.J. Box, Nevada Barr, and Craig Johnson.

No Shred of EvidenceCharles Todd

No Shred of Evidence -- Charles Todd

In 1920, when four young women from rich and powerful families are accused of attempted murder, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge is called in to an investigation already under way. His predecessor has died and all the case notes have disappeared. The families of the accused will barely allow them to remain under house arrest, while the local police want the accused in jail. And one of the young women is related to Ian’s former fiancée.

This series, about a World War I veteran with a secret he’s desperate to keep, will appeal to readers who enjoy psychologically complex stories that address the impact of war, long after the shooting stops. By the authors of the Bess Crawford series

Gold of Our FathersKwei Quartey

Gold of Our Fathers -- Kwei Quartey

Newly promoted Chief Inspector Darko Dawson has been unwillingly transferred out of Accra, Ghana’s capital, to a remote gold mining region.  He must stay there at least a year, which means either relocating his family or living there by himself. Dawson can’t trust his new partner, his new office is mired in low morale and poor discipline, and his first murder investigation is tangled up in illegal mining, corruption, and environmental devastation. With so much money at stake, how will an outsider succeed at finding justice?

Suggested for fans of mysteries that vividly render the complexities of African nations, by writers such as Deon Meyer and Malla Nunn

The Language of SecretsAusma Zehanat Khan

The Language of Secrets – Ausma Zehanat Khan

For Detective Esa Khattak, every day at work is a day caught in the middle. As a Muslim Canadian working for an agency ostensibly empowered to work at all levels of law enforcement, Khattak should be able to assume cooperation from his coworkers, and from his friends. Instead, he has to navigate layers of prejudice, inter-departmental rivalries, and some of the most politically sensitive murder cases in the country. When the murder of a former friend, an infiltrator in a jihadist cell, collides with the secrets and goals of a second antiterrorist investigation, Khattak must find a way to save both his sister and his career.

This is the sequel to The Unquiet Dead. For a series featuring an American detective with similar issues, try Quicksand by Carolyn Baugh.

Killing TrailMargaret Mizushima

Killing Trail – Margaret Mizushima

As the only K-9 officer in her department, Deputy Mattie Cobb knows that small Colorado towns are never quite as idyllic as their residents would wish, especially her own hometown. When a drug search becomes a murder case, Mattie must work with a new partner, and question teens who know more than they’re telling her, while trying to establish a reputation as a competent professional in a place that remembers when she was an uncooperative teen herself.

This realistic inside look at how K-9 units operate is suggested for readers who enjoy mysteries by David Rosenfelt and Sue Henry.

Happy Reading!