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To arrange exam proctoring:

Proctoring is not being offered at this time.

Exams will only be proctored at the Dundee Library, not at the Randall Oaks branch.
The student must come to the Dundee Library to arrange a date and to complete any required paperwork at least 24 hours in advance of the exam date.
The student must show proof of residence or employment within the Library District.
Other than completing forms provided by the testing institution, the Library will not submit special letters, make telephone requests, or submit staff credentials for review.
Normally, the testing institution will supply a "Request for Proctoring" form in the class material or have it available on their website.
Any Adult & Teen Services staff member can agree to be a proctor. Due to staff scheduling, a specific staff member may not be available on the day the exam is scheduled. In such case, the exam will be proctored by another staff member.
To arrange for proctoring service, please use the Proctoring Request page of our website.
It is the student's responsibility to contact the Library staff to verify that the exam has been received and to inform the staff of any changes.
The Library reserves the right to return to the testing institution any exams that are received without prior contact with the student.

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