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Banned Books Week 2021

Banned Books Week 2021 is approaching, with the annual celebration of the freedom to read without censorship falling between September 26 - October 2. As in years past, the American Library Association has compiled a list of the top ten most banned and/or challenged books from 2020 (the last full year of data) to draw attention to this ongoing issue. These bans and challenges can take place in public libraries, universities and academic libraries, public schools and their libraries, and bookstores among other locations.

Recognizing books with challenges is especially important right now, with stories in the news about school boards in different areas of the US pulling long lists of materials from their schools for questionable reasons. Libraries are meant to provide equal access to materials and information to all people, and we take that duty seriously.  

 For the first time, Banned Books Week has an honorary chair in bestselling and award winning author and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jason Reynolds. No stranger to controversy surrounding his books, Reynolds is the perfect champion for the freedom to read anything one chooses.

You can read what Reynolds has to say about being named honorary chair and about banned books in general here  and check out the details of a Facebook live event he will be appearing in on September 28 here.

If you're at Randall Oaks, check out the display with more Banned Books Week information and more titles!

2020's Most Challenged Books:




A few of the other many books with current challenges and bans: