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Beyond the Binary Reading Challenge

In March, we invite you to celebrate literary representations of gender diversity by participating in our Beyond the Binary Reading Challenge. We’ve curated reading lists that are informed by genderqueer, nonbinary, and other transgender identities. This is an exciting opportunity to discover a great read and learn more about the diversity of gender experiences. You may select a book from one of our reading lists or read a book of your own choosing that is informed by gender diversity. As always, participants are welcome to choose a title from either list regardless of their age. One book is all it takes to complete the challenge! 

The challenge will be available through the Beanstack app or website. Once you log in, you’ll be able to join the new challenge beginning March 1. Upon registration, you can collect various pride flag buttons and gender diversity related bookmarks as prizes from either Dundee or Randall Oaks. Whether you participate in the challenge or not (though we hope you do!), we have bookmarks with resources for those who need assistance or are looking for a sense of community. Click on the activity badges within Beanstack for reading recommendations. Once you’ve finished reading your book, simply enter the title into the relevant activity badge and you’re a winner! Participants will have a choice between a copy of the book Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon or Chef's Kiss by TJ Alexander, either of which can be collected starting March 6. Participants ages 12 and up can collect their prize at either the Dundee or Randall Oaks Library upon completion of the Beyond the Binary Reading Challenge, and both titles are while supplies last.