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Black History Month Reading Challenge 2023


In February, we're excited to bring you the Black History Month Reading Challenge in Beanstack. We're highlighting books by Black authors spread across multiple genres, so there's something for every interest. We chose titles that are relatively newer publications for our recommendations lists, but you are free to read any book by a Black author that you'd like in order to complete the challenge. While we have curated one list with teen titles and one with adult titles, anyone is welcome to read from either list. 

The challenge will be available through the Beanstack app or website. Once you log in, you’ll be able to join the new challenge beginning February 1. Upon registration, you can collect a button and bookmark as a prize from either Dundee or Randall Oaks. Click on the activity badges within Beanstack for reading recommendations. Once you’ve finished reading your book, simply enter the title into the relevant activity badge and you’re a winner! Participants will have a choice between a copy of the book Kindred by Octavia Butler or March: Book One by John Lewis. Participants ages 12 and up can collect their prize at either the Dundee or Randall Oaks Library upon completion of the Black History Month Reading Challenge, and both titles are while supplies last.