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Fall Zen: Books on Meditation and Mindfulness

Late fall can be a stressful time.  We’ve just gotten over a heated election, the days are shorter, and the holidays are fast approaching.  It’s no wonder so many of us are grumpy and tired!  Want to feel more at peace?  Perhaps try to add a little meditation to your daily routine.

Girl meditating in road.

Photo by Nickolai Kashirin, flickr user. 

Books to Be Thankful For

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The staff of Information Services are celebrating the books that have made an impact, big or small, on their lives this holiday season. Stop by the Information Desk this month to fill out a leaf with the titles you love.  

The Book of Unknown Americans Cover

Catching Up with the Classics: House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

After years of AP English and college lit courses, I pretty much eschewed reading “classic” literature for all of my 20s.  Like vegetables or exercise, it just seemed too good for me to possibly be enjoyable.  However, since it’s been almost a decade since I last had a reading assignment and smart books no longer have the tinge of “homework,” I’ve started exploring classics that have fallen into my reading blind spots.  Today I’ll highlight one of my favorite recent discoveries by the fabulous

Fresh Off the Cart: Adult Non-fiction Oct. 2016

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Here's a sample of new titles that have recently been added to our adult non-fiction collection. There are new titles for a variety of different subject areas within the nonfiction collection. Take a look, you might just find some new books to read or discover an interest in a new subject area!



Cover art for The Book of Joy



Guy Maddin’s Forbidden Room

"No more talking. Just breathing."

Deep beneath the surface of the ocean, the beleaguered inhabitants of a submarine are running out of options. Abandoned by their captain, their supply of oxygen dwindling, they do what any of us would do: they eat flapjacks, assuming that the pockets of air will prolong their lives. Thus begins Guy Maddin’s latest film, The Forbidden Room.


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