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Internet on the Go

Mobile Hotspot

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a small, portable device that lets a mobile-enabled device, like a smart phone, laptop, or tablet, connect to the Internet.  Having these Wi-Fi hotspots available for check out is part of an effort by the library to increase Internet access for families and households across our district. 

Become a U.S. Citizen

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American flag

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Citizenship is not just a piece of paper; it is a source of empowerment and an investment in good government. Only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections, apply for passports that will allow them to travel freely, and be assured that their right to remain in America will never be taken away. 

The University of Everywhere

In 2013, a man named Kevin Carey decided to take a class in genetics through the distinguished Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As Carey explains, “I did not fill out a college application or financial aid form or write a personal essay explaining why my life-altering experience founding a shelter for homeless marmots made me uniquely qualified to attend MIT. Nor did I pay MIT any tuition, which runs over $42,000 per year, plus another $15,000 for books, fees, and room and board.


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