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Recommended Read: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

It’s hard for me not to hate novelist Sally Rooney a little bit out of sheer jealously.  Not only is she super young (she’s a mere 26) AND a published author, but her first novel is excellent and well received.  However, I absolutely adored Conversations with Friends, and the flawed but sympathetic characters inside make Rooney seem like someone who’d be fun to hang out with (even if she’s annoyingly accomplished). 

New eResources at FRVPLD

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During the month of August, we’ve added 3 new eResources: Brainfuse, Hoopla, and Pronunciator. These powerful tools can be utilized for free with your FRVPLD card. We’re very excited about these resources and the incredible services they offer, so we want to spread the word and make sure our patrons understand all that these resources have to offer. Let’s take a look at what each of these products can do.



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Back to School Books: Campus Reads

My favorite thing about the start of the school year was always shopping for new school supplies (and, of course, new fall outfits).  My least favorite part was actually having to go back to school; gone were the mornings of sleeping late and days of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to—why can’t it be summer all year?!  Even though it’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve been a student anywhere, it’s still fun to celebrate the start of the school year (heck, it’s even better when you’re not  a student, because you don’t have to go to school!).  Below are several titles set on school

Dark Beach Reads

Oh sure, you could read about beach houses, dog detectives, and middle aged women getting a new lease on life while you’re enjoying the hot August sun.  But what’s the fun in that?  You already know how those books end-- the dog solves the crime, the middle age woman finds a new love at the beach house (the hunky repairman, let’s say).  Instead, take a trip to the dark side this summer and check out one of these recommended reads below.  They are still fun and fast reads, but just a touch more sinister!    

Kate's Essential Music

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'My Essential Music’ is a new feature on the FRVPLD blog, continuing our prior exploration of staff favorites, 'My Essential Books.' We'll talk up our favorite music in the hope that you may give these artists a chance, or at least appreciate our passion for the music that has made us who we are.

Business Information with AtoZDatabases

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Looking for business profiles? Thinking about starting a business and want to look at how the market is? AtoZDatabases is an authoritative resource for business information, sales leads, and more. It’s simple to use and is free for FRVPLD cardholders. You can use it in the library or from home with a valid FRVPLD card number. Let’s take a look at how to access AtoZdatabases and how to use one of its main features: the business search tool.



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