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Get an online library card for immediate access to our digital content like eBooks,eAudiobooks, music, movies, TV shows, eComics, online learning, geneaology, games for kids, craft classes, language learning, and way more.

This is available to residents who reside in the FRVPLD and have never had a library card -- including children!

Here's how:

Libraries are temporarily closed until March 29

The Dundee Library and the Randall Oaks Library are now temporarily closed. This decision is in response to the nationwide effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing, and the direction of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker to close Illinois schools until the end of the month.

We plan to remain closed through Sunday, March 29. We will continue to monitor the situation and reassess as more information becomes available.

Everyone's a little bit Irish on March 17

Not only is March 17 St. Patrick’s Day, but the whole month of March is Irish-American Heritage Month in order to coincide with holiday. What better time than this to dive into some Irish fiction? For a relatively small country, Ireland is a hub of culture so these books are just a tiny sampling of the great literature about and coming out of the country. Literary fiction, comedy, cozy mysteries, grittier mysteries, historical- there’s something for everyone.  

Gallery Collection is a Colorful Burst of Images

Local artist Jean Pechtel returns to the Ruth Wendt Gallery, and this time has brought fellow artists Jane Erlandson and Nancy Guthrie with her. The new collection is a colorful burst of images using the oil and cold wax medium. As Pachtel explained, cold wax is a mixture of beeswax, alkyd resin, and mineral spirits, and has a thick consistency. Mixed with oil paints, it permits a buildup of texture and allows the artist to scrape through to reveal layers beneath. It is also used to make transparent glazes.


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