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Special Collections at Dundee Library, Part One

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In addition to a change in appearance, our new website also contains some brand new content. One example of this is the Special Collections page. The Dundee Library has four different special collections and that page provides a list of the materials available in each collection. Here is a more in-depth look at the first two collections:


Old Illinois Bell telephone directories


Independence Day

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The Fourth of July! Independence Day! July Fourth! Whatever you call it, July 4th in the United States brings celebrations, parades, picnics, and fireworks across the country. When I was younger, my dad tried to convince me that the festivities were all in his honor since July 4th is his birthday. He was right that a birthday was being celebrated, but the birthday that America is celebrating is its own!

Books as Exploration

When choosing your next book, it can be easy to pick something familiar. When sharing books with children, however, we want to celebrate the differences in the people around them!

To help you explore the world outside your familiar sphere, here are four books featuring characters that may not look like you, but experience love and life in recognizable ways:

Diverse families book covers


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