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Fashion Hacking

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Have you ever dreamed of making your own accessories? Can you picture the perfect bag but aren’t sure how to make it? Once a month at Fashion Hacking, children from ages nine to twelve have the opportunity to create clothes and accessories that reflect their own personal style!

From no-sew to hand sewing to machine sewing, the children who attend Fashion Hacking have spent the past several months growing their skills. Since many of the children attend every month, they have gained confidence and abilities each time they take a seat in front of their fabric.

Read to a Dog

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As children learn to read, or are working on reading more smoothly, one of the best ways for them to build their skills is to read out loud. Hearing their own voice speak the words lets them gain familiarity with how words sound, and can give them confidence as they work through the words to tell a story. 

Father's Day Recommendations

Father’s Day is here, and it’s time for a roundup of films and novels that epitomize the complexity of fatherhood. These fictional fathers run the gamut: from hardworking men in post-World War II Italy, to animated clownfish struggling with the demands of being a single parent.



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