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Adventures in the Children's Library: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

In March we had a party here
for Dr. Seuss! Some birthday cheer!
Sixty-two people came
prepared to eat, make, or play a game!

Seuss activities

They painted volcanic eggs with color
and used their arm muscles to shake up some butter.
They mixed up Oobleck - a gloppy mess
and were careful it didn't get on their dress!

Adventures in the Children's Library: Lemony Snickets!

A gaggle of girls was recently playing in the kitchen area. Most were about seven or eight years old. They were all intensely concentrating on what they were doing, which was mainly giving orders to each other about who should be doing what as far as the preparation of the meal was concerned. One of them suddenly looked up and over her shoulder, and exclaimed in a loud voice, "Lemony Snickets! There's a BOY in here!" All of the little girls screamed in unison, started running in every direction, and pandemonium ensued in the kitchen. The meal was abandoned with much giggling.

Adventures in the Children's Library: Alice's Tea Party

At our recent Alice’s Tea Party, an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed tea party for children ages 6 to 9, the children wore poofy tulle dresses, fur vests, tiaras, butterfly masks, and quite an abundance of glitter! After the program had ended, a brother and sister stayed behind to help with some of the initial clean-up without being prompted or asked. The older brother had not been thrilled in the very beginning of the program (his sister had insisted he attend) but over the course of the program, he became fully engaged and active.

Books as Exploration

When choosing your next book, it can be easy to pick something familiar. When sharing books with children, however, we want to celebrate the differences in the people around them!

To help you explore the world outside your familiar sphere, here are four books featuring characters that may not look like you, but experience love and life in recognizable ways:

Diverse families book covers

Our Books, Ourselves

I was SO tempted to title this “Our Books, Our Shelves,” but I didn’t want too many “bad pun” groans to echo across our library district. It might scare the children! Think back to the picture books you enjoyed as a child, or are enjoying right now, and try to picture the illustrations, and most especially the people in them. Did those people look or act just like you and your family? Did they look or act differently? It’s nice to relate to what you are reading, but it’s also important to read about people who are different.

Graphic Novels: Real Reading

I read my first graphic novel when I was in high school. Somehow, despite my voracious reading habit, I never wandered into the graphic novel section of my local library before my teenage years. I don’t remember what my first one was, but I do remember how entertaining I found it to see the action unfold through the illustrations and fast-paced writing.


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