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Books to Be Thankful For

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The staff of Information Services are celebrating the books that have made an impact, big or small, on their lives this holiday season. Stop by the Information Desk this month to fill out a leaf with the titles you love.  

The Book of Unknown Americans Cover

Catching Up with the Classics: House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

After years of AP English and college lit courses, I pretty much eschewed reading “classic” literature for all of my 20s.  Like vegetables or exercise, it just seemed too good for me to possibly be enjoyable.  However, since it’s been almost a decade since I last had a reading assignment and smart books no longer have the tinge of “homework,” I’ve started exploring classics that have fallen into my reading blind spots.  Today I’ll highlight one of my favorite recent discoveries by the fabulous

Album Review: Original Traditional by Blue Highway

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Over the past several years, bluegrass has seen a heavy resurgence in American culture, although its popularity has created a great divide between roots bluegrass and pop-bluegrass.

Mainstream pop-culture in the United States got a taste of bluegrass-ish music when British based Mumford and Sons released their album Sigh No More, however, their sound took a sharp turn once their songs began to top the charts.


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