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Album Review: Original Traditional by Blue Highway

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Over the past several years, bluegrass has seen a heavy resurgence in American culture, although its popularity has created a great divide between roots bluegrass and pop-bluegrass.

Mainstream pop-culture in the United States got a taste of bluegrass-ish music when British based Mumford and Sons released their album Sigh No More, however, their sound took a sharp turn once their songs began to top the charts.

Light in August

William Faulkner’s deeply poetic and idiomatic prose style brings to life characters that feel as substantial as people you’ve known and loved. Ta-Nehisi Coates, in an insightful piece written for The Atlantic, argues that “Faulkner does not so much give a faithful rendition of the South, as he takes the language, the diction and vocab of his region, twists, contorts, pulls, and stretches it in a kind of homage.


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