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Do You Know Who Martha Gellhorn Was?

Although she is now best known for being Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, Martha Gellhorn was a writer and a war correspondent in her own right, covering dangerous events from the Spanish Civil War to the D-Day invasion.

You can learn about her fascinating life in any of the following books.

Where Will Your Book Take You Next?

Have you signed up for Summer Reading yet? We have an additional Reading Challenge, just for teens and adults, this year. In honor of the theme ‘Reading Takes You Everywhere,’ if you read a book set in a country other than the United States, and fill out a Recommended Read postcard, you’ll be entered in a special ‘Where Has Reading Taken You?’ drawing.

A Sketch of Iran: the Country and Its Culture

Join us on Saturday, April 14 for a program about Iran. A Sketch of Iran: the Country and Its Culture will be presented by Libby Fischer Hellmann, and will focus on the people, architecture, customs, and culture of that country.

While you’re waiting, or after the program, you can check out the following titles, most of which focus on life in Iran since 1979.


Our upcoming program, CSI: Cemetery Search and Investigation, scheduled for Wednesday November 8, 2017, is perfect for history and genealogy buffs. Tina Beaird, a popular presenter and member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, will lead us through the history of American cemeteries. She will help us learn how to find our ancestors’ burial places, and how to decipher historical symbols on headstones.

I Used to Think These Topics Were Boring

Economics, tax policy, campaign finance reform, voting rights… I used to think these topics were boring. Books on these subjects always seemed to have many pages and many footnotes, and no connection with my real life.

Now, I know these topics matter. So if you also want to understand more about any of these subjects, these titles might be a good place to start.


Welcome to our Genre Guide series!

This series will give readers exposure to unfamiliar material - and perhaps a refresher on old favorites.

This month: Mystery

In a mystery, the main plot focuses on the discovery of the guilty party, almost always in a murder case. The solution to a mystery has to see justice served, although storylines, sub-plots, and settings can include elements from other genres. Sub-genres for mysteries include cozies, historical mysteries, and noir.


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