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Happy Earth Day! Here are some book reccomendations to complete your reading badge Our Home. 



Books About Climate Change for Kids 


Celebrate Earth Reading Challenge

Beanstack Challenge Starts April 1. Sign up at! Become an Earth activist and find out how to grow, cook, recycle, and live life while taking care of our most precious resource – our planet! Earthlings of all ages will find activities and bookish challenges that are fun to earn together or on their own. This challenge will be an example of sustainability in that it will only be available on Beanstack and all the badges will be comprised of links to eResources, materials to be checked out, or relevant programs offered this Spring.

Seed Library

The place you go for gardening books is now the same place you go for seeds to plant. The FRVPLD Seed Library offers patrons free heirloom and open-pollinated seeds to grow at home. Patrons can also donate harvested seeds to the library to replenish inventory.

The Seed Library is located at the Dundee Library on the main level. We have repurposed a vintage card catalog whose many drawers are perfect for its new purpose

2023 Award Winning Books for Youth & Teens

FRVPLD's collection of materials for youth and teen patrons adds up to more that 75,000 items (not to mention the ones we can get for you from our library consortium partners!). That is a lot of titles to sort through on a visit to the library or a browse through our online catalog. To help you find what could be the next great read for your eager reader, we have created a list of the American Library Association's 2023 Youth Media Awards, which includes books, digital media, video and audio books.

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