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Books on TV: Young Adult

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Books on TV is back! In the first installment, I talked about crime/mystery shows that are based on books. This second installment will focus on shows that are based on Young Adult books or graphic novels. One of the first things that came to my mind when writing this post was superheroes.

Special Collections at Dundee Library, Part One

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In addition to a change in appearance, our new website also contains some brand new content. One example of this is the Special Collections page. The Dundee Library has four different special collections and that page provides a list of the materials available in each collection. Here is a more in-depth look at the first two collections:


Old Illinois Bell telephone directories


Books on TV: Crime/Mystery

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In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV shows…like a LOT of TV shows. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that several shows I watch are actually based on books (as are many shows that I don’t watch). I thought it would be fun to talk about these shows and the books they are based on. This post focuses on crime/mystery shows.


Cover art for Bones season 5 DVD 



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