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Beat Boredom with Board Games: Tsuro

Bored? Games!

If you're staying at home and your eyes are turning red from staring at a screen all day, and you've run out of library books to read, consider playing a board game with family, roomates, yourself, or that ghost that just won't leave you alone. Board games are mentally stimulating, help us build problem solving and social skills. They're also FUN! (Duh...) 

Subgenres in Fantasy: Dragons to Dreamers (Part 2)

If you read Part 1 of this blog duology, you now know the basic ins and outs of two of the most popular fantasy subgenres of today; Epic Fantasy and Urban Fantasy. These genres fit the tropes of fantasy that everyone, even non-fantasy readers picture fantasy to look like. Here we dig deeper into the world of Fantasy Literature by looking at two more subgenres: Contemporary Fantasy and Magical Realism.

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