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Brilliant Pastels On Display in RW Gallery

Featured Artist: Jean Johnson Pechtel

My paintings are an attempt to capture a special moment or experience. Using color and composition, I try to put the feeling I had at the time — whether wonderful lighting, beautiful flowers in my garden, or a sweet pet — into my paintings.

My focus is the familiar midwestern landscapes, including small towns and local street scenes. I am a long time resident of Elgin, and frequently paint there. I combine plein air painting with studio painting from photos I have taken. As a lifetime lover of horses and other animals, they often find their way into my paintings.

My medium is pastel, which allows me to combine drawing with painting and work freely with brilliant color. I enjoy the immediacy of pastels.

My pet portraits bring out the personality of the subject, bringing joy to my clients and me. I’ve recently completed a series of 14 paintings of buildings in Elgin — commissioned by the property owner. I really enjoyed painting these, and look forward to more.

Contact Information

Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait or portrait of your home or business. I have more work available on my website, as well as reproductions of most of my work. See the library’s Information Desk for business cards, brochures, and pricing information.  You can also contact me directly:, (847) 977-4288, or