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Business Information with AtoZDatabases

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Looking for business profiles? Thinking about starting a business and want to look at how the market is? AtoZDatabases is an authoritative resource for business information, sales leads, and more. It’s simple to use and is free for FRVPLD cardholders. You can use it in the library or from home with a valid FRVPLD card number. Let’s take a look at how to access AtoZdatabases and how to use one of its main features: the business search tool.


How to Access

To access AtoZdatabases, go to our research page. The list of databases will be in alphabetical order, so scroll down a little bit and it will be with the ones that start with “A.” Click on “AtoZDatabases” and it will take you to the AtoZ homepage.

One of the main parts of this database is the business search tool, so we’re going to take a look at that. There is a quick search in the box on the far left, and then an advance search just below that. We’ll take a look at both.

Using the business search tool

If you have a certain business in mind that you want to find information about, the quick search tool is probably the easiest way to go. Simply type in the name of the business, the city, and the state and then click search. You’ll get a results page that should show the business you searched for, and you can click on the business name to see its profile.

The advanced search give you many more options and is helpful if you aren’t sure what the name of the business is or if you want to look at multiple businesses. On the homepage, click on “Get Started” under where it says “30 Million Businesses and Executives” to bring up the advanced search page. As an example, let’s say I want to open a pizza place in West Dundee and I want to know how many other pizza places there are in West and East Dundee and what that market looks like. I’m going to use the advanced search tool to get this information.



I’ll start by adding some criteria for the search. I’m going to click on city and then choose West Dundee and East Dundee. Then, under “Keyword/Business Type” I’m going to click on “Major Industry Group.” A list of industries should come up and I’m going to click on the little plus sign next to “Retail Trade.” Then I’ll click on the plus sign by “Eating & Drinking Places,” then “Eating Places,” and then finally I’ll click on the box next to Pizza. Now that I have these criteria in place, I’m going to click on the green “Search” button at the top right side of the screen.

There are 6 results here and now I can click on these businesses to get the information that I need. Like before, I get a profile of the business and can look at a variety of information, including: demographics profile, historical trends for sales and employees, competitors, estimated annual expenditures, an executive directory, and more.

If you have any questions about AtoZDatabases or if you would like any help with it, please feel free to come to the Information Services desk and we’ll be glad to help! You can also call us at 847-428-3661, option 3, or email us at