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Businesses and the pandemic

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As we continue to battle the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses have had to make adjustments and incredibly difficult decisions. Whether it meant switching to a work-from-home model, doing curbside pickup and delivery only, or deciding to close altogether, businesses have been struggling and business owners may still be trying to figure out what to do during these difficult times. has made some new courses available that are meant to help businesses during this pandemic. While there are only a few courses currently, LinkedIn is always working to continuously add new content to, so even more courses may be added as the pandemic continues. I am pleased to see that LinkedIn is doing what it can to offer some kind of support to businesses, and I am happy that we are able to provide this platform to our patrons and hope that business owners in our community find these courses helpful. is free to access with an FRVPLD card. To access it, go to the Research page on our website (the databases on this page will be listed alphabetically), then scroll down to the Ls and click on If you have used before, you will just have to enter your card number and the password you created for If you have never used, you will have to click on "Create a Profile" and then you will be able to put in your card number and create a password. You will then be able to log in with that information moving forward. Once you are in, you can access the pandemic-related courses by searching "covid" in the search bar. Four courses will come up (so far, at least).

These courses cover topics such as: leading during a crisis, making adjustments to your business to increase the chances of it surviving the pandemic, how supply chains work and how they've changed during the pandemic, and more. In addition to these courses, also provides courses about working from home. While these courses were created before the pandemic, there still could be very useful information to help make that adjustment. Simply search "work from home" and many videos come up. even has some videos about eLearning. These can be especially helpful now that schools have turned to eLearning for the remainder of the current school year. These are just a few different areas that can really help with, whether you're a business owner, an employee, a teacher, a parent, or a student. All of's content is available, so even if you just want to brush up on some computer skills, other workplace skills, or keep up with academic subjects, can be a big help. If you need help accessing or if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Stay strong and be safe!