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Connecting to Zoom for virtual library programs

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As we continue to stay at home and stay strong during this pandemic, the library is going to start offering live virtual programs through Zoom. For each live program that we do, there will be a unique URL that you can click on to connect to that Zoom session. The URL will most likely either be posted in the description of the program on the event calendar on the library website, or it will be emailed to each patron that signs up for the program. As we schedule these live programs, we'll provide exact details for each one. You can use Zoom via web browser on a computer, or you can use the Zoom app on a smartphone or tablet. The app is free and can be found in whichever app store your device has (App Store for Apple products, Google Play Store for Android products, etc.). You do not have to create a Zoom account in order to join a Zoom session. The steps below will explain how to connect to a Zoom session.

Web Browser

1. Using any web browser (i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.), click on the unique URL (either in the event calendar description or from your email, however it was done for the program you are attending) listed where it says "Join a Zoom Meeting." For example, this picture is from the event calendar description of the April Dundee Library Book Club virtual meeting.

2. A new tab will open up in your browser and the Zoom website will load.

3. A pop-up box may come up that prompts you to download the Zoom desktop application to your computer. You do not have to download the desktop application if you do not want to. You can click the link that says "join from your browser" and it will connect you using the web browser. The desktop application is free, so if you do want to download that you certainly may. If you download the application, that will open up and you will join the meeting through that rather than the web browser. The main difference is that if you do download the desktop application, then moving forward when you click on a Zoom session URL, the desktop application will open automatically and connect you to the session. If you don't you will have to click on "join from your browser" each time to connect.

4. Once you join the meeting, you first will be asked about your video and audio preferences. You can choose whether or not you want video enabled (you will need to use a webcam or your computer's built in camera if it has one) and then you can choose if you want to use the computer's audio (you will need a microphone or your computer's built in microphone if it has one) or to call in on a phone for audio. When you get the Zoom URL in your email or if you look it up on the event calendar, below the URL is a phone number that you can call to do audio through your phone. Below the phone number is a meeting ID and password that you will have to type in using your phone's keypad. The picture below again is from the event calendar for the Dundee Library Book Club event.

5. You will then be connected into the Zoom session. You may connect instantly or you may get a screen first that says the host will let you in, depending on how the Zoom session was set up. If you get the screen telling you the host will let you in, the host will see who is trying to connect and will choose whether or not to let you connect. Once they allow it, you will be connected into the Zoom session.


Zoom App

1. Download the Zoom app from your device's app store. The app is free.

2. Once the app is installed, use your device locate the URL for the Zoom session in your email or on the library's event calendar. Then click on the URL.

3. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to connect to the session using the Zoom app. Click on "Open". 

4. The Zoom app will open up automatically and start connecting you to the Zoom session. First, you will be asked if you want video enabled or not (the app will use the device's built in camera). Then, the app will ask if you want to use Internet Audio. This is talking about using your device's built in microphone for audio, so you can choose to use that or you can call in via phone the same way as described above in the web browser section.

5. You will then be connected into the Zoom session. Like it was described in the web browser section above, the host may have to approve you joining first so you might get a screen that says waiting for the host to let you in before you fully connect into the Zoom session.


We are excited to be able to offer virtual programming and we hope that you will enjoy these programs like how you enjoy the programs you come to at the library. You can see what virtual programs we'll be doing by looking at the event calendar. The programs that say "FRVPLD Live" before the name of the program are ones that we'll do live in Zoom (unless otherwise specified in the description). We hope everyone continues to be well and stay safe and we look forward to seeing you join some virtual programs! If you have any questions about connecting to Zoom or about any of our virtual programs, please contact us at