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Earth Day Poetry Contest Winners Announced

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Happy Earth Day! We offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever Earth Day Poetry Contest. We were overwhelmed by the many beautiful and intriguing poems that were shared with us. We received thought-provoking poems that caution us to preserve and respect the environment, poems that celebrate animals and natural beauty, we even received a poem that syncs up with a TikTok video! You've made it very difficult for us to choose the winning submissions, because everyone who participated is a winner.

Our selection for the elementary school category is "Earth Day Poem" by 4-year-old Azaria Arellano, who used a voice-to-text app to record her poem. The winning submission for the adults category is "The Spring-Dreamer" by Hailey Rostollan. We selected three winners for the middle/high school category: "Earth Day Poem" by Ria Bakshi, "Autumn Tree" by Chloe Cina, "A Forest in My Eyes" by Annabelle Deang.

We invite you to read these thoughtful poems, and take some time to celebrate nature.

Earth Day Poem
Azaria Arellano

Mother Nature is the best,
The best there ever was.
I love mother nature because,
Mother nature loves me
She lets me play at the park
She gives me air to breath.
I pick up the garbage so she doesn't get mad,
Because I love Mother Nature a LOT!


The Spring-Dreamer
Hailey Rostollan

I open my eyes from a winter’s sleep,
Feeling the sun’s warmth soaking through my body.
Slowly it thaws my blood,
Sending it shooting out to the very tips of my fingers.
Luxuriously, I stretch and open my hands to the embrace of the rays,
Examining the cracking skin ravaged by winter’s chill.
Soon my bare arms will be smooth again,
Clothed in sleeves of delicate spring green,
And my tired body will be refreshed by cool drinks
Of freshly melted snow.

The nourishing heat of the sun has become so strong
That I have sheltered my face with a deep green hat.
Birds forego their inherent shyness,
Sharing the shade of the wide brim
As they also hide from the insistent sun.
Quietly, so as not to betray the trust of my new friends,
I stretch my toes deep into the earth,
Down to where it’s moist and cool;
Shivering whenever my skin brushes a slippery worm
Also searching for refuge.

I tremble as the wind pulls my orange coat from my shoulders,
Dropping it on the ground at my feet.
Already my hat – faded to brown –
Has been stolen by a capricious breeze,
Never to shield my head again.
My friends the birds have flow off,
Following the retreating warmth of the same sun
That we had hidden from for so long.
I stand alone,
My arms starkly empty,
And watch the last of the sun spin away from me
To where I cannot follow.

A dull ache in my bones holds me still,
Too stiff to move.
My thick white dress cannot protect me from the cold,
And only serves to scare away the shy sun.
A heavy tiredness fills my body,
And my eyes close
As I snuggle deeper into my dress,
Dreaming of a faraway spring.


A Forest in My Eyes
Annabelle Deang


Take a walk with me through my fantasy land
Come and catch me if you can!
Picking flowers, so beautiful!
The scent is so powerful!
High up in a tree,
Feeling so free
Roll down a hill,
So much time to kill
Find shapes in clouds above
What animals do you see? I spotted a dove!
Make footprints in the sand,
Feels so soft and grand
Splashing in the lake,
Then have a nice lunch break
Skipping stones,
It’s so fun, I know!
Hopping from big rocks,
Always running, never walk!
Balancing on thick logs,
Look! A tire swing! Give me an underdog!
Let’s go chase that butterfly,
Follow me, don’t be shy
Be as playful as a puppy,
Never be grumpy
Lie in the soft green grass,
And watch that bunny hop past
Spot a robin in its nest,
I love those birds, they’re the best!
Catching fireflies
And watch a shooting star pass by
What’s that? It’s only a forest, you say?
It’s magical to me, don’t like it? Then, go away!

Earth Day Poem
Ria Bakshi

The Earth is a song.
We are part of its tune.
Life is the rhythm
From which we are all strewn.
We must remember
We aren't alone.
There's so much beauty in the
World unknown.
There's so much to see,
From snow capped peaks of the mountains
To the little swimming fish.
There's so much to learn,
From the beauty of the lotus that
Sprouts in the darkness.
Earth is precious,
We must never forget.
It is where we were born.
It is where we have grown.
We must never forget.
Earth is life's home.


Autumn Tree
Chloe Cina

It was about late afternoon,
When you took me on a trip deep into the woods,
As we continued on our journey,
I could hear the rustling of the leaves in the wind
As they glided past our face
With their vibrant green, orange and red colors
The sun was setting right at the horizon
And all I could see was our shadows
As the fog formed at out feet
The birds started to quiet down
And the squirrels started to return back to their homes
The deeper we explored
The darker it got
The sunset turned into dusk
And my body warmth began to lower
But I still got the appreciate the silence
Of the flowing creek as we walked by
And the idea of you and me
Flowed throughout me
And your body beside me
Is what made me feel free