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El Día de Los Muertos - Day of the Dead Window Mural

Window Mural

El Día de Los Muertos -- Day of the Dead


I turned my head up and saw the brightest colors of papel picado being decorated throughout the rooftops. The weather was crisp with the potent fragrance of cempasúchil in the air. I had a strawberry tamal in one hand, and a cup of champurrado in the other. I was admiring how all the adults in my neighborhood were moving through the rooftops to hang these beautiful banners that all the kids, myself included, had cut the night before into awesome designs to celebrate El Día de Los Muertos.

I knew the Day of the Dead celebration was here because everywhere I turned there were vibrant colors, rich aromas, traditional music, delicious foods, and all my family was home filling the house with love and laughter.


To Celebrate El Día de Los Muertos at the Dundee Library, we decorated our windows!  Come and admire our Day of the Dead window art by amazing local artist Kathryn Eli. Take a pic with it and tag us on our social media @FRVPLD.

Check out our super cool window mural video!


Mini Q & A with the Artist



FRVPLD: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kathryn Eli: I’m a local artist, muralist, and window painter also known as @kateraaade. As a service artist, I do custom murals for businesses, community projects, and residential clients in Elgin, Dundee, and Chicago.

FRVPLD: How did you decide to pursue window painting as one of your art forms?

Kathryn Eli: Window painting was something that came up for me in 2020 as businesses were seeking creative ways to connect with their communities and send out positive vibes, and as an entrepreneurial artist, I wanted that too.  So, I researched and taught myself how to paint on windows.

FRVPLD: What do you like most about window painting?

Kathryn Eli: What I like most about window painting is that there’s an element of surprise to it. “The big work of art” has suddenly appeared on the windows! And the joy it can create.

FRVPLD: How do you feel about window art being temporary?

Kathryn Eli: I had a blast painting this window mural. Patrons were already sad thinking about how it was going to have to be taken down, but to me, the aspect of it being temporary not only complements the theme of Día de Los Muertos but it also adds to its beauty as a window painting, you know, as a work of art. It inspires appreciation for it in the present moment.

FRVPLD: What are your future goals with art?

Kathryn Eli : As an artist I hope to keep doing art that engages the community whether to celebrate, educate, inspire, or just a smile.



Kathryn Eli aims to create work that describes our vibrational connections- to nature, the cosmos, the higher self, and to each other.

Windows and Walls Instagram @kateraaade