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Elena Kari Captures the Beauty & Boldness of Flowers

Elena Kari Captures the Beauty & Boldness of Flowers

My name is Elena Kari. A few years ago I received a small easel, set of acrylic paints and brushes as a Christmas gift. I was so excited to start painting. The process of creating florals on canvas seems like a strange miracle that I need to repeat again and again...I hope this blissful delirium will never be over — I give it a try and want to see what happens…

I am working day-time in the office and painting mostly at night or on weekends.  Unfortunately, I never had any formal training in painting, but I follow the steps of many other self –taught artists and learn from them. I just started a journey and want to see where it would take me.

Writing about art is hard, but writing about art that you made can be much harder.

I like flowers — they delight me. There is something truly enchanted about flowers in sunlight — the way light brightens them with energy and liveliness. I enlarge images of flowers to give them a louder voice and more intense color. The all-brief nature of flowers makes the moment of blooming an occasion that deserves to be savored — trying to remain aware of these feelings and painting with mindfulness of my experience of that moment. As a painter, I enjoy creating my own gardens on canvas with color and hope that my inspiration reached the audience.

Contact Information

To inquire about purchasing Elena’s art, contact her by phone at (586) 522-7165 or email at You can also purchase her paintings at Pick up one of her business cards at the Info Services Desk. See more of Elena’s paintings on Instagram at ElenaKari_Art.