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FRVPLD Yoga/Breath/Meditation

A new addition to the programs at the Fox River Valley Public Library District is the Stress Less program. I started the class because I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 15 years and I would like to extend that knowledge to other people. Being a librarian, I feel there are so many resources I would like to share with the Fox River Valley Public Library District community. Yoga, breath-work, and meditation are tools that take no space and virtually no time during 24 hours. It’s something that everyone can take with them and use when they see fit. I provide a space that is both comfortable and safe for everyone and try something new. I give modifications to yoga poses that may be challenging and alternatives cues if one is not comfortable or to better understand the practice.

On February 20th, we touched on the basics of Sun Salutation A or Suyra Namaskar A. Sun Salutation uses the body to create asanas, or poses. Suyra Namaskar is sanskrit, which means to bow to the sun.  As the body moves through the poses, all of the muscles are engaged, lengthening and strengthening the limbs, and keeping the person focused for the rest of the day.

 Then we focused on our breath by learning about chakra meditation. This type of meditation helps focus your attention on different areas of your body. While breathing, we focus on the 7 areas starting at the root of the spine through the crown of the head; all while visualizing colors that area represented with these areas.

Sun Salutations, by Shiva Ray, has a great evideo on Overdrive showing the steps to the Sun Salutations. Videos are a great way to learn yoga poses while at home.

Chakra Yoga, by Gurutej Kaur  is another evideo on Overdrive. Again this is a great resource if you want to create your own yoga practice.

Practical centering : exercises to energize your chakras for relaxation, vitality, and health, by Larkin Benett, is a great resource for learning chakra meditation. It is a simple guide that is easy to follow.