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Homeschooling 101

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Interested in homeschooling? This is a terrific opportunity to get answers to the most common questions people have about homeschooling including.:

  • How do I homeschool within the law? 
  • What about socialization?  
  • Which curriculum is best?  
  • What is all this about learning styles and philosophies?  
  • How much does it cost to homeschool?  
  • What does my child need to learn at each grade level?  
  • Am I allowed to homeschool my special needs student?  
  • What does my child need to graduate high school?  
  • What about college?  

If you would like answers to these questions (and more!), this is the workshop for you! 

THIS IS A VIRTUAL PROGRAM.  A Zoom link will be emailed to you two days before the program.

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