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How do holds work?

How do I place a hold?

When searching the catalog, look for the "Place Hold" button for each item in your search results.

How many holds can I place?

There are no limits on holds.

Why can't I place a hold?

If you're unable to place a hold, your account may be restricted or an item may not be eligible for holds. Please contact us for additional assistance.

Where do I pick up my holds?

Please visit the location you selected as the pickup location for your hold. You can verify this in My Account.

Holds are filed by last name on a public holds shelf.

How long is a hold held for me?

Holds are held at your pickup location for 5 days.

Can I change the location where I pick up a hold?

Please contact us for assistance if you need to change the pickup location after placing a hold.

Can I suspend a hold?

Yes, you can suspend a hold that has a status of "pending" under the Holds section of My Account. You can also set the beginning and dates of the suspension. While your hold is suspended, you will continue to move ahead on the waiting list, but the hold will not be sent to your pickup location while it is suspended. Use this option to manage your holds when you are away or don't have time to read.

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