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I-Did-A-Read: Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge

Winter brings ice, snow, freezing weather, and…the Winter Reading Challenge!

Fox River Valley Public Library District is excited to launch our first annual, all-ages Winter Reading Challenge! The program runs from Dec 9-February 16. 

How does it work?

It’s easy! Sign up at any of the service desks starting on December 9 to receive your log.  The log is a combination of reading challenges and wintery activities including attending different library events.  Each age group has a different set of challenges listed on the log and criteria for how to complete the program.  You can sign up any time between December 9 through February 16, but the last day to get your prize will be on February 23. 

Youth: Finish 15 out of the 20 activities listed on your card

Teen: Finish 10 out of the 20 activities listed on your card

Adult: Finish 5 out of the 20 activities listed on your card

Can I Sign Up Early?

We are excited about this program too and can’t wait to start it! However, you’ll have to wait until December 9 to sign up.  Don’t worry, though!  You’ve got 9 weeks to sign up and complete the program.

What do I get?

If you are a true library champion and complete your activity card, the following prizes will be available to you:

          Adults: Ice scraper, Lip Balm, and Hot Chocolate

          Teens: Mug & Hot Chocolate

          Youth: Snowman soup and Melting Snowman Slime

It’s cold and busy during the winter months.  We get it!  We hope to offer everyone in our library district a chance to shake off the cold, cozy up at the library, and have a fun experience with each other and us here at FRVPLD!