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Intermediate Crochet: Winter Cowl

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Program Type: S.T.E.M./Maker
Age: Adult, Teen

There are 15 seats remaining.

Allowed Ages: 12 and older.

Let's crochet a winter cowl.

Before the class, you must be comfortable creating a starting chain and know how to complete basic single crochet and double crochet stitches. If you can do those, you will be able complete this project. I have included links below to both Kristin's Crochet Tutorials on YouTube and to several crochet classes available for free to FRVPLD library card holders via CreativeBug.  Have patience with yourself if you are just beginning.  I have been crocheting for almost 25 years.  Once thing I have noticed is that everyone holds their a hook a little differently.  It's the same with holding a pen or pencil.  Ultimately, the best way, is what feels comfortable to you.

Register in advance and pick up your free supply kit that comes with a crochet hook, yarn and written instructions.  Attend the live Zoom workshop for instructional demos, tips, crochet community and troubleshooting questions.  


Kristin's Crochet Tutorials on YouTube

How to Crochet a Starting Chain

How to single crochet      

How to Double crochet     


Want to get a full Crochet intro class?  Log into CreativeBug using your FRVPLD Library Card # and the same password that you use to log into your account on the library website.

Edie Eckman's How to Work a Single Crochet 

Edie Eckman's How to Work a Double Crochet

Cal Patch's Beginner Crochet 1  She speaks really slowly, and just hits the basics.  She uses an overhand hold (like I do).

Carla Scott's How to Crochet   This is a longer class and she hits all the details.

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