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Internet on the Go

Mobile Hotspot

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a small, portable device that lets a mobile-enabled device, like a smart phone, laptop, or tablet, connect to the Internet.  Having these Wi-Fi hotspots available for check out is part of an effort by the library to increase Internet access for families and households across our district. 

Not everyone can afford an Internet connection at home.  These devices help people and families without a home Internet connection have temporary, 24/7 access to the Internet from almost anywhere they please.  Parents and college students can check out the hotspots to work on school projects and papers from home.  Job seekers can take one home and apply for jobs online or do a Skype interview.     

Because the hotspots are portable, they can be used pretty much allover- from the comfort of your living room to soaking up the summer sun in a local park.  Hotspots are a great tool for taking the Internet with you, so they are also useful for short trips where you want a reliable internet connection (just remember to bring them back!). 

Our library has hotspots that are available to check out.  The devices will go out in kits that include: a hotspot, a charger, a case, and a laminated instruction sheet.  Adult FRVPLD cardholders will be able to check out these hotspot kits from the Account Services Department at the Dundee Library or the Service Desk at the Randall Oaks Library.

Need a computer as well?  We also have laptops that checkout.  These are super popular, so place a hold on one today!