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Keep it Local: Local History Files

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The Dundee Library has a collection of local history files that contain over 400 items, including: newspaper articles, photographs, documents/reports, correspondence, booklets/pamphlets, blueprints, maps, and more. We have gone through and digitized the entire collection to further preserve these items and make them more accessible to our patrons. The collection covers a variety of different topics pertaining to all/each of the communities in our district. This collection can be found on the Special Collections page of our website. It joins several other interesting collections already on that page. Be sure to check out my previous two-part blog post about these other collections: part one and part two.

Screen capture from Local History Files page on Dundee Library website

On the Special Collections page, there is a link to a separate Local History Files page. All of the items in the collection have been organized into subcollections based on topic. Simply click on a subcollection and you will get a list of items within that subcollection in chronological order. Each item listed is a clickable link that, when clicked, will take you to the digital version of that item. There are a lot of interesting items so we’re glad they are all readily available for patrons to look at or use for research. If you want more information about these collections or have any questions, please feel free to stop by the Information Services desk at the Dundee Library, call 847-428-3661 and ask for the Information Desk, or email us at