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Keeping Busy During Quarantine

With all this unexpected downtime we can easily become restless. The days seem longer and quarantine appears to stretch on forever with no end in sight. To combat the restlessness i've been feeling I have finally started the journey into organizing my space; something that I always said I would get around to but was always busy, well not anymore!

Staring at the areas of a home and just opening the cabinets and closets can be overwhelming but thankfully our Overdrive app has books in this subject to lend a hand and guide you through this adventure. 


One of the first books that really helped was The Home Edit: The ever famous instagram organizers, Joanna and Clea, take you through organizing all your home areas and making them look like they came from one of those home magazines. They are present in just about every famous celebrity house from Khloe Kardashian to Retta.It's a fun enjoyable book that puts you at ease, their fun banter and tidbits make it a light pool read, and with a step by step journey they give crucial advice, never start organizing with your pantry first. These two ladies just might convince you to ROYGBIV all aspects of your life; except for books, thats where I drew the line. Overdrive eBook

The second book I used was Homebody: HGTV star Joanna Gaines didn't really help with organizing but it was more for decoration. Now that spring is knocking on our door it was time to change the winter decor that was up into something brighter. Not only would that be in tune with the seasons but it would make me happier to see brighter colors; I still had gnome winter pillow covers on the sofa. Homebody helps curate your style into one tailored to you and your needs; and since it appears we aren't leaving our homes anytime soon it would be like a whole new place with just a few tweaks. Overdrive eBook

Going back to organizing, Simple Organizing Wisdom was the third book I perused. The experts from Good Housekeeping explain a tyding up process room by room. It ranges from the typical kitchen organizing to decluttering your desk and digital spaces. Working from home, the decluttering and making a space dedicated for work has helped me differentiate that area from the rest of my home. Not only does it look nice but it helps me switch from work to home mode. Overdrive eBook

For all those who are still going to work and do not want to be left behind on this journey, then the book Unf** your Habitat is the right one for you. The author, Rachel Hoffman, stresses that not everyone has the time to do a marathon day of organizing and cleaning. To solve this, she shares a 20/10 system; 20 min cleaning with 10 min break. She stresses the goal is to develop habits to use in your life to help achieve that clean home that we all would love to have. Overdrive eBook

Happy decorating and organizing! We will have amazing looking houses after this is over.