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Leo Ma

Hi! My name is Leo Ma. I am a 9-year-old fourth grade student. I was born in an artistic family. My house is full of art. I can draw with color on walls when I can’t even speak. I drew these paintings because I like cats very much. I have two cats of my own. I thinks cats are beautiful and mysterious “friends.” Most of the cats I draw come from my friends’ pets, so I use the cat’s name as the title of the painting. It looks like fun! Then, I used acrylic for the first time. I really  enjoy playing with brushes and colors. And I drew other things like structures, landscapes, and flowers. I also love digital art and design.

In January 2023, I had my first art exhibition at the Naperville Nichols Library. The exhibit lasted for about three months. When the exhibit was over, I drew some new paintings for the exhibit here. So that is how I drew these awesome paintings. Art now, I think it is something I can keep going. The special thing that I have is that my color sense is good. My wish is to become an artist that lives in a beautiful house with my cats.