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Local History Files

The Dundee Library has a collection of local history files that contain over 400 items, including: newspaper articles, photographs, documents/reports, correspondence, booklets/pamphlets, blueprints, maps, and more. We have gone through and digitized the entire collection to further preserve these items and make them more accessible to our patrons. The collection covers a variety of different topics pertaining to all/each of the communities in our district. Click on a photograph below to view that specific subcollection.

U. S. Bicentennial logo               Billy Sunday photo               Photo of Alfred Bosworth

Photo of cannon in Carpenter Park               Photo of Hills-McCanna sign               Old Carpentersville logo

Photo of Chateau Louise               Dundee Township logo               Old Dundee Library logo

Dundee-Crown logo               Photo of Haeger Pottery building               Photo of Star Manufacturing building

Cover page of 2008 Housing and Community Development Annual Action Plan               Illinois Bell logo               Photo of Carpentersville neighborhood

Photo of Leonard Besinger driving a race car at Meadowdale Raceway               Photo of Law Offices of McNamee & Mahoney sign               Photo of Meadowdale Raceway

Photo of Milk Pail restaurant               Photo of Allan Pinkerton               Photo of chemical hazard sign

Photo of vigilante "The Fox" calling card               Photo of Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition               Photo of Welcome to the Village of Sleepy Hollow sign

Photo of Spring Hill Mall               Cover page of 1998 Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan