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On Thursday, April 1st, will officially be upgraded to LinkedIn Learning! You may recall that this was originally going to happen a couple of years ago, but LinkedIn put the upgrade on hold while they worked out some complications on their end. I will review the upgrade process in detail below. If you are a current user, please review the information carefully so you can be fully prepared for the coming changes.

NOTEAll screenshots used below were provided by LinkedIn.


Why is Lynda changing?

LinkedIn has been running their own online learning platform, LinkedIn Learning, while also maintaining after acquiring it in 2015. They are now merging the two by taking everything from and moving it to LinkedIn Learning. This means all the content will be in one place on a single platform.


How is the content changing?

All of the courses that are on will transfer over to LinkedIn Learning. You will also gain access to the 13,000+ courses that were already on LinkedIn Learning, so there will be even more content. This additional content includes courses that are in languages other than English, such as French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese. All of the courses are still video-based and work the same as before. There is also a LinkedIn Learning mobile app and you will be able to use that as well.


What will happen to my data?

All data will transfer to LinkedIn Learning, so you’ll be able to pick up where you left off. This includes your learning history and your certificates of completion. The data is tied to your library card, so once you create a profile for LinkedIn Learning you’ll be able to put in your card number and that will get your data added to your LinkedIn Learning account. Although the data will transfer, we recommend you download copies of your certificates of completion from before the April 1st change, just to be safe.


When is this upgrade happening?

This change will occur on Thursday, April 1st. will be down that day and could potentially be down for up to 24 hours; however, they anticipate it will only take 2-2.5 hours for everything to be moved over to LinkedIn Learning. Once the transition is complete, we will update our Research page with a new link that takes you to LinkedIn Learning instead of Any links to will automatically redirect you to LinkedIn Learning. On your first visit to LinkedIn Learning, you will have to go through the initial setup of your account.


Setting up your LinkedIn Learning account

When this upgrade was first being planned a couple years ago, patrons were going to be required to create a LinkedIn profile in order to use LinkedIn Learning. One of the biggest changes between now and then is that patrons are no longer required to make a LinkedIn profile. Instead, there are just a few simple steps you will need to follow to set up your LinkedIn Learning account.


1.  The first time you click the link to go to LinkedIn Learning, a welcome screen will come up saying that your library invites you to LinkedIn Learning. Click on the blue “Get Started” button to begin.

LinkedIn Learning invite screen


2.  You will be asked to put in your library card number and PIN. The PIN is the password you use to log in to your library account on our website. Now, rather than having a separate password for LinkedIn Learning, you will use the same password as your library account. Type in that information and then click “Continue.”

LinkedIn Learning login screen


3.  You will now see a screen that says, “Welcome to LinkedIn Learning.” Click on “Sounds Good” to continue.

Welcome to LinkedIn Learning screen


4.  A list of topics will come up and you are asked to choose ones that you are interested in. You must pick at least one in order to click “Continue” and move on. This information is used to recommend courses to you and alert you when new courses about a given topic are added. You can always go back and edit this information after your account is set up. Click on at least one topic and then click on “Continue.”

Choosing interested topics screen for LinkedIn Learning


5.  Next, you will be asked to set a weekly goal. Choose a goal and then hit “Set goal” or click “Maybe later” if you want to skip this for now. You can always go back and change this after your account is set up.

Weekly goal screen for LinkedIn Learning


6.  In the last step, you will see some courses that fit the topic(s) you chose in step 4. You have the option to save any of these courses for quick access in your account. If you want to save any, just click on the name of the course before you hit “Continue.” Whether you choose to save any or not, click “Continue” to finish the setup.

Save courses screen from LinkedIn Learning


Your account should now be set up and you should be in the LinkedIn Learning platform. You are now ready to explore the platform and enjoy all of the content that it has to offer!


How to use the LinkedIn Learning mobile app

Another new feature that comes with this upgrade is the use of the LinkedIn Learning mobile app. The LinkedIn Learning app is available on Apple and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store, respectively. When you download the app and open it, you first will see a sign in screen. Tap on "Sign in with your library card." Then, you will be asked for a Library ID. Our Library ID is frvpld (all lower case). Type in that Library ID and then hit "Continue." Finally, you will be asked for your library card number and PIN, so enter that information and hit "Continue" again and you should then be logged in to the app.

Screenshot of login steps for LinkedIn Learning app


There’s a lot of information here, but I wanted to make sure everything about the upgrade was explained clearly. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to go to the Information Desk, call 847-428-3661 and ask for the Information Desk, or email us at