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May I renew library materials?

Yes, if no other patron has requested the item. To renew, click on My Account in the header of any page on the library website. Once you have logged in to your account, click Items Out and follow the onscreen instructions. The number of renewals varies by format:

Format Number of Renewals
Books 2
New Books 2
Prize Pick Books 0
Prize Pick DVDs 0
DVDs 2
New DVDs 2
All Blu-Rays 2
Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) 2
New Audiobooks & CDs (including Playways and MP3s) 2
Video Games 2
PlayAWay View 2
Magazines 2
Laptops 1
Wi-Fi Hotspots 0
Library bags 2
STEAM Kits 2
American Girl Doll Kits 2
Early Learning Kits 2

For downloadable materials, log into your account (for Overdrive, Axis 360, etc.) to review renewal policies.

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