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Memes, Monsters, and Macaroni Salad: Exploring Folklore in Our Daily Lives

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Age: Adult, Teen
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Memes. Toilet Paper. Tide Pod Challenges. Slenderman. Scrapbooking. Knock knock jokes. Cinderella. What do all of these items have in common? One word. Folklore. In this discussion, Dr. Cassandra Pfeifer talks about the thing that ties us together and which can teach us about people with whom we might have nothing in common. Folklore gives meaning to some of the shocking, confusing, terrifying, hilarious, tragic, or troubling things we see people do, say, and make. Join to discuss Bernie Sanders memes, Bloody Mary, or the phenomenon of stockpiling toilet paper in a crisis. Join to share stories behind family heirlooms or monster stories you heard as a kid. Join to learn about folklore!

Zoom presentation co-hosted with the Aurora Public Library District.

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