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NEW Caregiver Support Group

Caring for the health and welfare of a family member or friend is hard work! It can be frustrating and isolating.  Caregiving is incredibly rewarding, but it also a source of stress.

Caregiver stress can cause physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. It typically results from a person neglecting their own physical and emotional health because they are focused on caring for an ill, injured or disabled loved one.

In an effort to support local caregivers the Fox River Valley Public Library is starting a Caregiver Support Group.  Our first meeting will be on January 23, 2020 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in Corner 68.

We are not an illness specific group, the group is free to attend, and all are welcome.

You're not on the caregiver journey alone.  Come join us and get encouragement, support, along with tips and tools to help make your caregiving experience more positive and meaningful.