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New Content in Vidcode

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This week, Vidcode added new content to the platform, which means there is now even more coding activities and projects you can do to learn Javascript. If you are not familiar with Vidcode, it is online platform geared towards students grades 3-12 (but anyone can use it!) where you can learn how to code using the Javascript programming language. I have written two previous blog abouts about Vidcode, one about how to access Vidcode and one discussing some of the activities you can do. Now I want to highlight the new content that was just added.

If you access Vidcode from our Research page, you can sign up as a "student" and join the group we created called "FRVPLD Learn to Code." Once you join, you can see all of the content under the "Assigned Courses" tab. Before the update, there was one large course called "Creative Coding" that had a bunch of activities to complete. Now you will see some new courses in addition to "Creative Coding" that you can access, as seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of courses available on Vidcode website

If you look through each course, you will notice that some activities can be found in multiple courses, but there are plenty of new activities as well. Here is an overview of the new courses.

  • Javascript 101 through Javascript 401: These courses have the same content as the "Creative Coding" course that was there before the update but broken down into 4 different, smaller courses. This was done to provide students the option to go through that content in smaller chunks rather than having all of the content in one large course. Doing it in smaller chunks may help with pacing and seeing how the coding progresses and adds on to the previous activities.
  • Hour of Code: Has 7, hour-long activities that go through basics of coding to show that anyone can learn how to code. This course is designed to tie in with the Hour of Code movement.
  • Game Development: Learn advanced programming concepts with a focus on game design. It is recommended that the "Creative Coding" (or Javascript 101 through Javascript 401) course be completed before doing this course.
  • Digital Citizenship: This course has activities that tie in with concepts dealing with using technology in an effective and responsible way, including: online ethics and security, communicating online appropriately and responsibly, determining whether sources are valid and reuptable or not, and more.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Coding 101 through 301: These courses have activities that connect coding with other subject areas, including: Math, Language Arts, Science, Art, and Social Studies.


VIdcode now also has some coding courses available in Spanish. If you go to our Research page and scroll down to the Vs (the resources on this page are in alphabetical order), you will see a box with a Vidcode logo and a description about Vidcode. Below the English description, there is a description in Spanish along with another link to click on (where it says "Acceda a Vidcode en Español aquí").

Vidcode description on the library's Research page

That link will take you to a different group called "FRVPLD Learn to Code en Español." In the "Assigned Courses" tab here, you will find 3 different courses in Spanish.

Screenshot of Vidcode's Javascript en Español courses.

The three courses are Javascript en Español 101 through 301. These courses are similar to the English Javascript courses, but are completely in Spanish. We have a large number of Spanish speakers in our community, so we are happy that Vidcode has added this and hope we an reach even more people with this resource.

Vidcode is still available for free for FRVPLD cardholders, even with all of this new content. We are excited about this new content and can't wait to incorporate it with our Coding programs that we have been doing. If anyone has any questions about Vidcode, please feel free to call us at 847-428-3661 or email us at We hope you will enjoy this new coding content. Happy coding!