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New eResource: America's News from Newsbank

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Last month, we added three new digital newspaper eResources from Newsbank: America's News, HeritageHub, and Black Life in America. We are so excited to offer digital newspaper resources once again! I will be posting a series of blog posts talking about each of these three products, and in this first post I am going to talk about America's News.

America's News is a powerful resource with over 3,650 digital newspapers from across the United States. Explore and stay informed on local and national topics, people and events in areas such as business, health, education, jobs and careers, political and social issues and more. Several local newspapers are available, including the Daily Herald, Northwest Herald, Courier NewsChicago Sun-Times, and the Kane County Chronicle. For all of the newspapers included in America's News, there are past and current issues available, so whether you want to find an article from a past issue or read the current issue each day, America's News is a great resource for you! America's News is free to use with a valid library card, and it can be accessed from home.


Accessing America's News

1. Go to the Research Page on the library's website.

2. The resources on this page are listed alphabetically, so America's News is right at the top in the A's. Click on the America's News logo or where it says "Access America's News here" to open the America's News homepage.

Screenshot of America's News link on Research Page


3. If you are accessing from home, you will now see a Newsbank login screen prompting you for your library card number. Type in your card number and then click "Log in."

Screenshot of library card number login screen for Newsbank 


4. You will now be at the America's News homepage. NOTE: If you are accessing from within the library, you will not get the prompt from the previous step and instead will get taken right to the America's News homepage.

Screenshot of America's News homepage


Using America's News

Now that we're at the America's News homepage, there are several different ways to use this resource. Before I get into the different types of searches, I just want to point out that there are suggested topics that you can click on and browse articles that fit that topic. Also, there are some quick links to the right of the suggested topics that can quickly take you to a specific local paper, a small collection of digital magazines that are available, and more. Now to talk about searching! There is a basic search bar in the middle of the screen where you can search any keyword, such as a name, event, or topic. This will search every newspaper available for the keyword(s) you put in, but then there are filters along the left hand side you can use to narrow down the results, including source type, year, source name, and source location.

Screenshot of search results in America's News


If we go back to the homepage, there are a few additional search options below the search bar. There's "More Search Options," "Date Search," and "Map Search." No matter which one you click on, you get taken to the same advanced search screen. At the top of this page, there is a search bar with an additional search field below it (it is set to date range by default). You can change this field to a different type by clicking the arrow next to "Date(s)" and you can add additional search fields by clicking the "+" button. Below that is a map of the United States that you can use to limit your search by a certain location. You can either click on a state on the map (or multiple states) or you can click on the box next to the state (or multiple states) in the list to the left of the map. Once you have set your search up the way you want it, click the blue "Search" button to run the search.

Screenshot of advanced search screen in America's News


Another way to use America's News is to start with a specific newspaper title. On the top left of the homepage, there is a button that says "A-Z Source List." Click on this to see a complete list of Newspaper titles that are available in this platform. There is a search bar you can use to search for a specific title, or you can click on a letter to just see all of the newspapes that start with that particular letter. In addition to the titles, the list also shows the dates available for each paper, the location the paper is from, the type of resource (e.g. newspaper, web edition, video), the format, and the language. The majority of the content in here is in English, although there are a handful of Spanish newspapers as well.

Screenshot of A-Z Source List in America's News


In terms of the format, the majority of the newspapers are in text format. This means that when you choose a newspaper and then select the specific issue you want to view, you will see a list of the articles that are in that particular issue. When you click on an article, the text of that article will come up for you to read.

Screenshot of text version of Chicago Sun Times in America's News


Some newspapers are available in image format, which is a little different. There are even some papers that are available in both, such as the Chicago Sun-Times. The image format is a scan of the actual newspaper, so when you choose a paper and then a specific issue, you can read the full newspaper online just like if you picked up the physical paper. There are arrow buttons you can use to change to the next page or go back to the previous page.

Screenshot of image version of Chicago Sun Times in America's News


This pretty much sums up how to use America's News. America's News provides thousands of digital newspapers, both past issues and current, that you can read, including several of our local newspapers. It can be very useful in many ways, whether you are looking for a specific article from a newspaper, doing research and need news sources, wanting to read the new issue of a paper each day, and more! Access it for free now with a valid FRVPLD card. If you have any questions about America's News, please feel free to stop by the Information Desk, call us at 847-428-3661, or email us at