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New eResource: HeritageHub

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In late July, we added three new digital newspaper databases from Newsbank: America's News, HeritageHub, and Black Life in America. Last week, I wrote a blog post talking about America's News. This post will focus on HeritageHub. HeritageHub is a new platform from Newsbank that combines two of their other resources, America's GenealogyBank and America's Death and Obituary Notices. Explore your family history with the premier collection of US obituaries and death notices for in-depth genealogical research from 1704 - today. HeritageHub contains obituaries and death notices from over 6,000 U.S. newspapers. It is free to use with a valid FRVPLD card, and it can be accessed from home.

Accessing HeritageHub

1. Go to the Research Page on the library's website.

2. The resources on this page are listed alphabetically, so scroll down to the H's to find HeritageHub. Click on the HeritageHub logo or where it says "Access HeritageHub here" to open the HeritageHub homepage.

Screenshot of HeritageHub link on library's Research Page


3. If you are accessing from home, you will now see a Newsbank login screen prompting you for your library card number. Type in your card number and then click "Log in."

Screenshot of library card number login screen for Newsbank


4. You will now be on the HeritageHub homepage. NOTE: If you are accessing from within the library, you will not get the prompt from the previous step and instead will get taken right to the HeritageHub homepage.

Screenshot of HeritageHub homepage


Using HeritageHub

Now that we're on the HeritageHub homepage, lets talk about how to use HeritageHub. There are search bars on the homepage where you can put in a last name, first name, middle name, year of death, and keyword. Not all of those fields are required, but the more information you put in, the better the results will be. In the keyword section, you could put in all kinds of information, including but not limited to: spouse or relative, town or city, type of occupation, college or university attended, organization or association affiliations, cemetery or funeral home, and more. Once you put in information and search, you will get a results page.

Screenshot of a search results page in HeritageHub


You can click the name that is in the blue-green text to open the full text of the obituary. There are options above the text of the obituary, including printing it, downloading it, and emailing it. If you go back to the homepage, there is another way you can find content. Above the search bars, there is a link that says "A-Z Source List." If you click on this link, you will be brought to a full list of all of the newspapers that are available in HeritageHub. You can search within a specific newspaper, or multiple newspapers, by clicking on the box to the left of the name of the newspaper and then clicking the blue "Search Within These Selections" button that pops up at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of the A-Z Source List page in HeritageHub


Once you click on that "Search Within These Selection(s)" button, you will be brought back to the same search bars that are on the homepage, but the newspaper(s) you selected will be listed below the search bars so that you know that you are only searching those sources. Just like in America's News, most of the newspapers are in text format, which means when you click on an obituary, the text will open up within the HeritageHub website for you to read. There are some, though, that are in Image format, which means when you click on an obituary, you will see a scan of the obituary from the actual newspaper.


This pretty much sums up how to use HeritageHub. HeritageHub provides obituaries and death notices from over 6,000 U.S. newspapers covering a date range of 1704 to present. It is an excellent resource for genealogical research and can help you identify relatives, uncover new information and potentially unknown family members. Access it for free now with a valid FRVPLD card. If you have any questions about HeritageHub, please feel free to stop by the Information Desk, call us at 847-428-3661, or email us at