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New eResource: Vidcode

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We are excited to announce that we’ve added a new eResource called Vidcode! Vidcode is an online platform geared towards students grades 3-12 (but anyone can use it!) where you can learn how to code using the Javascript programming language. A variety of fun, interactive lessons are available that teach students how to code video filters, video games, special effects, celebrity name generators, haunted houses, simulations and more! Vidcode is free to use and can be used in the library or at home.

Using Vidcode

To use Vidcode, go to the library’s research page and then scroll down to the V’s (the eResources are listed in alphabetical order) and click on Vidcode.

Dundee Library research page

The Vidcode website will open and you will be asked to sign up as either a student or a teacher/guardian. Choose student.

Vidcode registration screen

You will then be asked if you want to sign up with a Google account, an Office 365 account, or with an email address. Email address would be like a typical registration on a website, but you can choose whichever method you want.

Vidcode login screen

If you choose Google or Office 365, you’ll log in to whichever Google or Office 365 account you want to use. If you choose email address, you then will be asked to provide an email address and then create a username and password.

Once you do that you’ll be taken to a screen that says “My Classes” and you should see a class that says “FRVPLD Learn to Code.” If you click on “Start Coding” to the right of the class name, you will see all of the different lessons available and you can work your way through them. If you click on “My Dashboard,” you can see your progress and quiz results. 

My class page on Vidcode


Vidcode provides a fun, engaging way to learn how to code using Javascript. You can go through all of the activities at your own pace and you can do them at any time. If you have any questions about Vidcode, please feel free to stop by the Information Desk or Children’s Desk, give us a call at 847-428-3661 or email us at or