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New Teen Fiction

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Have you gone through your stack of library books at home and are looking for more to read? Here are some new books that were recently added to the teen collection. These books fall into a range of genres-- contemporary, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and a collection of short stories. You can sign up to have your holds delivered to you, or, starting Monday, you can pick up your holds that are ready for pickup curbside at the Dundee Library. At the time of writing, these titles were available to check out.

Book cover of The New David Espinoza The New David Espinoza by Fred Aceves
Obsessed with the idea that he is not muscular enough and tired of being bullied, David, age seventeen, begins using steroids, endangering his relationships with family and friends.
Book cover of Black Enough Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America edited by Ibi Zoboi
Black is urban and rural, wealthy and poor, mixed race, immigrants, and more--because there are countless ways to be Black enough. Featuring some of the most acclaimed, bestselling Black authors writing for teens today, this is a collection of captivating coming-of-age stories about what it's like to be young and Black in America.
Book cover of Black Girl Unlimited Black Girl Unlimited: The Remarkable Story of a Teenage Wizard by Echo Brown
From age six through her high school valedictory speech, believing she and her mother are wizards helps young Echo cope with poverty, hunger, her mother's drug abuse, and much more.
Book cover of Foul is Fair Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin
Jade and her friends Mads, Jenny, and Summer rule their glittering L.A. circle. Untouchable, they have the kind of power people envy. Every party is theirs and the world is at their feet. Until the night of Jade's sweet sixteen, when they crash a St. Andrew's Prep party. The night the golden boys choose Jade as their next target. They night they picked the wrong girl. Sworn to vengeance, Jade transfers to St. Andrew's and plots to destroy each boy, one by one. She'll take their power, their lives, and their control of the prep school's hierarchy. And she and her coven have the perfect way in: a boy named Mack, whose ambition could turn deadly.
Book cover of In the Shadow of the Sun In the Shadow of the Sun by E.M. Castellan
In 1661 France, seventeen-year-old Henriette of England must navigate her arranged marriage to Louis XIV's brother while keeping her magical abilities a careful secret from all at the Sun King's court.
Book cover of Wicked As You Wish Wicked as You Wish by Rin Chupeco
First book in a new series. Years after the evil Snow Queen desolated the magical kingdom of Avalon, Prince Alexei, his friend Tala, and a ragtag band, inspired by the appearance of the Firebird, try to reclaim their land.
Book cover of The Queen's Assassin The Queen’s Assassin by Melissa de la Cruz
First book in a new series. The Queen's Assassin is forced to take on a mysterious apprentice on his most dangerous mission yet, pulling them both into a vicious web of secrets and lies.
Book cover of Turtle Under Ice Turtle Under Ice by Juleah Del Rosario
Told in two voices, sisters Row and Ariana are frozen by grief over their mother's death, years before, until Ariana leaves for reasons Row does not understand.
Book cover of Not So Pure and Simple Not so Pure and Simple by Lamar Giles
High school junior Del Rainey unwittingly joins a Purity Pledge class at church, hoping to get closer to his long-term crush, Kiera.
Book cover of A Love Hate Thing A Love Hate Thing by Whitney Grandison
When Tyson Trice finds himself tossed into the wealthy coastal community of Pacific Hills, he's ready for the questions, the stares and the feeling of not belonging. Not that he cares. After recovering from being shot and surviving the rough streets of Lindenwood, he doesn't care about anyone or anything, much less how the rest of his life will play out. Golden girl Nandy Smith has spent most of her life building the pristine image it takes to make it in her hometown Pacific Hills. After learning that her parents are taking in a troubled teen boy, Nandy fears her summer plans, as well as her reputation, will go up in flames. Now with Trice living under the same roof, the wall between their bedrooms feels as thin as the line between love and hate. Beneath the angst, their growing attraction won't be denied.
Book cover of Woven in Moonlight Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez
Ximena is the decoy Condesa, a stand-in for the last remaining Illustrian royal. Her people lost everything when the usurper, Atoc, used an ancient relic to summon ghosts and drive the Illustrians from La Ciudad. Now Ximena's motivated by her insatiable thirst for revenge, and her rare ability to spin thread from moonlight. When Atoc demands the real Condesa's hand in marriage, it's Ximena's duty to go in her stead. She relishes the chance, as Illustrian spies have reported that Atoc's no longer carrying his deadly relic. If Ximena can find it, she can return the true aristócrata to their rightful place.
Book cover of What I Want You to See What I Want You to See by Catherine Linka
Sabine's scholarship to a prestigious art school was a dream come true, but one desperate decision might bring her new life crashing down.
Book cover of What I Carry What I Carry by Jennifer Longo
Growing up in foster care, Muir has lived in many houses. And if she's learned one thing, it is to Pack. Light. Carry only what fits in a suitcase. Toothbrush? Yes. Socks? Yes. Emotional attachment to friends? Foster families? A boyfriend? Nope! There's no room for any additional baggage. Muir has just one year left before she ages out of the system. One year before she's free. One year to avoid anything--or anyone--that could get in her way. Then she meets Francine. And Kira. And Sean. And everything changes.
Book cover of Just Breathe Just Breathe by Cammie McGovern
David Sheinman is the popular president of his senior class, battling cystic fibrosis. Jamie Turner is a quiet sophomore, struggling with depression. The pair soon realizes that they're able to be more themselves with each other than they can be with anyone else, and their unlikely friendship starts to turn into something so much more. But neither Jamie nor David can bring themselves to reveal the secrets that weigh most heavily on their hearts--and their time for honesty may be running out.
Book cover of Lucky Caller Lucky Caller by Emma Mills
When Nina decides to take a radio broadcasting class her senior year, she expects it to be a walk in the park. Instead, it's a complete disaster. The members of Nina's haphazardly formed radio team have approximately nothing in common. And to maximize the awkwardness her group includes Jamie, a childhood friend she'd hoped to basically avoid for the rest of her life. The show is a mess, internet rumors threaten to bring the wrath of two fandoms down on their heads, and to top it all off Nina's family is on the brink of some major upheaval. Everything feels like it's spiraling out of control--but maybe control is overrated?
Book cover of How to Build a Heart How to Build a Heart by Maria Padian
Izzy Crawford's family has been selected for a new home by Habitat for Humanity, near where the very attractive Sam lives, but just when her neighbor and best friend needs her most.
Book cover of Twisted Fates Twisted Fates by Danielle Rollins
Second book in the Dark Stars series. One past. Two girls. Infinite futures. Stolen Time. As far as Ash knows, Dorothy has disappeared. The stowaway from 1913, the girl who Ash maybe--possibly--could've loved: she's gone. But what Ash doesn't know is that the girl he fell in love with has become Quinn Fox--the very same person who is fated to kill him. As Ash and his friends watch New Seattle fall to crime and decay, Quinn struggles to keep her hold on the bloodthirsty Black Cirkus. The two circle time and space, weaving strands of the past and present into a deadly knot. When they finally collide, can they change the course of the future entirely?
Book cover of The Vinyl Underground The Vinyl Underground by Rob Rufus
In small-town Florida in 1968, four teens who bond over music and their objection to the Vietnam War decide to take a stand against the U.S. government and violent racism.
Book cover of What Kind of Girl What Kind of Girl by Alyssa Sheinmel
Told in multiple voices, when popular Mike Parker's girlfriend informs North Bay Academy's principal that he has been hitting her, students react differently, revealing their own insecurities and problems.
Book cover of Scammed Scammed by Kristen Simmons
Second book in the Vale Hall series. Brynn's new assignment, to try to bring Grayson's father to justice, threatens not only the future graduating from Vale Hall would ensure, but her relationships with her friends and almost-boyfriend.
Book cover of The Blossom and the Firefly The Blossom and the Firefly by Sherri L. Smith
Seventeen-year-old kamikaze pilot Taro and fifteen-year-old war worker Hana meet in 1945 Japan, he with no future and she, haunted by the past.
Book cover of This Train is Being Held This Train is Being Held by Ismée Williams
Ballet dancer and private school student Isabelle Warren and poet and baseball star Alex Rosario grow closer after meeting on a subway, bonding over their parents' expectations and their own dreams.