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Resolve your stress for the win!

As the Fox River Valley Public Library gears up for its Summer Reading Challenge "Read for the Win," Stress Less will be focusing on  how to make our goals become reality.  Make this your year:  five steps to keeping your new year’s resolution, Yoga Journal, January 2016 issue, Elizabeth Marglin focuses on 5 steps to achieving your goals. 

The word resolution comes from the word resolve, or to undo. According to Ms. Marglin, "Resolve is a form of surrender, a way to set our most heartfelt desire free into the world. What sustains resolution, then, is more a willingness to grow than sheer willpower. It is a discovery of how our own happiness is inextricably intertwined with the well-being of others-and that comes down to great; bigger-than-life' goals." Each 1 hour class will break down 1 of the 5 steps to help you learn new breathing, meditation, and yoga techniques. But the fun does not stop there. Stress Less also happily invites the community of the Fox River Valley Public Library to explore the vast collections and programs to make your a goal become reality. 




March 19th, 2016:

Step 1: Surrender (iswaraprandaya)

April 14th, 2016:

Step 2: Inquire (atma vichar)

May 14th, 2016:

Step 3: Commit (tapas)

June 11th, 2016”

Step 4: Persevere (abhyasa)

July 30th, 2016:

Step 5: Envision (darshan)

*Please note the times of the program vary each month.


Marglin, Elizabeth. "Make This Your Year!" Yoga Journal Feb. 2016: 80-86. Print.