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Searching for Signs of Spring

beyond the play area library springs

By now, many of our regular library users are aware of the Wahoo Woods Nature Play Area located at the north edge of our parking lot.  What many may not realize is that the play area borders a parcel of land, called Library Springs Natural Area.  Owned and maintained by Dundee Township as part of their Open Space program, Library Springs includes a .63 mile  loop trail than passes around a meadow and woodland area.  There has been a lot of restoration work done on the property by township staff and volunteers.   This work aims to clear invasive species and underbrush that crowd out the native trees and plants.  The volunteer work is ongoing and takes place every third Saturday starting at 9am.  Feel free to show up and help out.  You can follow the Dundee Township Open Space Program on FaceBook to keep up with their many free nature programs and volunteer opportunities.

I took a lovely walk through the Library Springs Open Space last week on Wednesday afternoon, and on Friday morning I led a group hike there as one of our library programs.  Even though the plants are not yet bursting forth with greenery, so much is happening.  It is a busy time in the woods; all the plants and animals are preparing to leap into growth and reproduction.  Spring is here!  I know it is because, the birds told me so. The trees and the plants told me as well, though they did it more quietly. 

If you can spare a few moments, I think you will find a walk through this area to be both calming and rewarding.

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Here are just a few pictures from my Wednesday (3/21/2018) afternoon hike...

Library Springs collage 1